Pirate Cookie Tutorial

What you'll need:

  • Vanilla Sugar Cookies
  • Buddy Valastro Foods Fondant
  • Circle shaped cookie cutter
  • Fondant cutter
  • Knife
  • Ruler
  • Water
  • Paint brush

Step 1

Roll out your red fondant. Use a circle shaped cookie cutter that is the same size as your cookie to cut out one out for every two cookies you are decorating.

Step 2

Cut the circle shaped in half and bend at the corners as shown.

Step 3

Roll out the black fondant and cut 1/8" strips using a ruler to guide you.

Step 4

With your paintbrush and water, lightly moisten the back of the red fondant and apply to the cookie as shown.

Step 5

Use the paintbrush and water to wet the red fondant and apply your black strips on top of the red fondant as shown.

Step 6

Cut the edge of the black strips to fit the cookie as shown.

Step 7

Use the tip of a buttercream decorator to cut circle shapes from the black fondant for eyes.

Use your knife to cut out an eye patch shape and mustache.

Step 8

Roll out the red fondant and cut 1/4" strips as shown. Fold these in half to look like the strings on the bandanna. Use a small amount of water to get this fondant to stick to the cookie.

Step 9

Use a small amount of water to moisten the back of the eyes, eye patch, and mustache and apply these to the cookie as well.

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