Buddy Valastro is a celebrity chef, New York Times bestselling author, television personality and now, the creator of Buddy Valastro Foods.


Buddy Valastro Pets

After noticing the family dog, Baci, watching intently as Buddy Valastro whipped up goodies for his wife and kids in their home, the eagerness to share traditional Valastro recipes in a way that would be both safe and delicious for his furry friend grew.

Carefully hand-baked in the USA, Buddy Valastro Pets provides dog lovers with the opportunity to provide the ultimate reward to their four-legged friends in a truly unique way: in the form of Buddy Valastro’s most celebrated goodies. While featuring the look and feel of these indulgent goodies, the pet products are reinvented to contain ingredients safe for dogs sure to keep them begging for more. The collection of 100% natural dog treats, free of corn or soy is comprised of signature bakery treats such as crumb cake and peanut butter and carob cookies and savory Italian-inspired recipes like meatballs and pizza bites. Shop online today.