Monster Cookies

Ready to make your own scary monster cookies for a birthday party, Halloween party or just for fun? Here's an easy step-by-step tutorial.

What you'll need:

  • Multiple sized circle cutters
  • Clay tool or small knife
  • Paint Brush
  • Water
  • Sugar cookies (round 3.5" recommended)

Step 1

Roll out the bright green fondant. Use a large circle cutter that is the same size as your cookie to cut out a circle shape for the background of the monster.

Step 2

Dip your paint brush in water and spread a small amount of water onto the cookie. Immediately place your bright green circle onto the cookie.

Step 3

Roll out your black fondant. Use a slightly smaller cutter than used in step 1 and cut the mouth of the monster as shown.

Step 4

Slightly bend the corners of the mouth to look as shown in image.

Use water and paintbrush as used in step 2 to adhere the mouth to the bright breen background of the face.

Use a clay tool or a small knife to push an indent into the green fondant just above the center of the mouth as shown.

Step 5

Roll out white fondant and cut smaller circles for eyes. Use paint brush and water (technique used in step 2) to adhere the eyes to the green face background.

Step 6

Use some of the remaining black fondant to cut out smaller circles for center of eyes and adhere to the white circles using water and paintbrush.

Step 7

Roll out purple fondant. Use the same sized cutter you used in step 5 to cut out one small circle.

Use a knife to cut a triangle shape from the circle and place onto the top of the face to appear as horns. Use water and paintbrush to adhere to the green face.

Step 8

Use remaining purple fondant from the circle cut in step 7 to roll into a nose as show in image. Place onto green background using water to ahere.

Step 9

Cut 2 small circles from flattened white fondant. Cut one side of the circle off as shown in image. Place these circles onto the black mouth to be the monster's teeth. Ahere using water and paintbrush.

Step 10

Roll out turquiose fondant. Cut several different sized small circles and place around the monsters' face. Adhere with water and paint brush.

Once you've finished, place these in indiviual plastic bags or on a platter and serve!

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